My Travel Essentials

Hello Beautiful Viewers,

Since I am jetting off on holiday on Thursday morning, I had a thought while packing my case, why don’t I do a travel essential blog post to share with you all what I think the musts haves are to take on any holiday are…

Besides from the basics like clothes, shoes, sunscreen, and shampoo & conditioner which everyone takes with them, there are the littler things people take with them that they think they cannot live on holiday without, and this is what I will be sharing with you all.

                                      photo (2)

The first thing I think about when sorting my case out is… Sunglasses! But I always find myself thinking one pair is just not enough…    

                                      image (4)  

I always find myself bringing at least 5 pairs away with me… This is because when I wear different styles of clothing some sunglasses just go better with my style on that day than others. (Maybe this is just weird and I just have a unhealthy obsession, I don’t know).  


                                     photo 4

Secondly I must always, always have a nice smelling body spray with me. (Like at all times). I always turn to my Victoria Secret range to take away with me, I just feel like they are such a fruity and uplifting scent, it just makes my day better smelling them. 


                photo 1 (1)  photo 3

Thirdly, I always get dry skin and lips no matter what the weather, so it always benefits me to bring a good moisturizer and lip balm, this would defiantly be a essential of mine for anytime really. You can never go wrong with carrying some moisturizer and or lip balm with you…


   photo 1 photo 2

As well as bringing beauty products, I also find that I always need a pair of good headphones and reading material! These are defiantly essentials for me because I get very bored of long flights and travel, so I can pass the time easily with some music or a good book on my kindle. The reason I love kindles so much is because instead of carrying a load of heavy books around, which we all know take up a ton of space, you just have this one small tablet with as many books as you like on it. (It’s just genius in my eyes). 


    photo 2 (1)

Finally last not but least… Nail essentials, I must always take nail clippers and files everywhere with me because my nails tend to snap at the most awkward times, also I normally take a few go to nail polishes with me in case my nails chip or I need a quick change of colour so it will match my outfit, I normally take a nude pink colour, a brightly coloured one and maybe a darker colour one like a maroon or a dark purple. This way I can keep my nails matching my different style of clothing throughout the trip.  

Let me know what your travel essentials are? I would love to hear…



2 thoughts on “My Travel Essentials

    • I’m the same, always too busy sorting my makeup out that I forget something as simple as toothpaste aha and no problem I will check it out thanks for the follow!


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