Lola Lipstick – 100 Vamp Matte

Hello beautiful viewers, I have recently been away on vacation with my family, hence why I have not posted in a while.

Today I would like to put a mini review and just really talk about this lip product I bought while I was away.

When browsing through some of the shops of Lanzarote (my vacation place), I went into a shop called Fund Grube and this is where I picked up my Lola Lipstick in the shade 100 Vamp

image (4)                                    image (6)


This lipstick is by fair my favorite one I have bought, not only does it have a Matte finish it is also not harsh on your lips, and does not leave the lips dried out. I like Macs Matte finishes but sometimes they make my lips feel dry and clay like. But in my opinion Lola Lipstick does not dry my lips out and gives a really nice finish…

photo (4)

Vamp (100) is a dark purplely red colour, which I think is great for the winter months, I am in love with this colour anyway, as I think this colour is perfect for Fall and Winter or even any season through the night. If you’re looking for a dark and mysterious look, you have found your lipstick.

photo (3)

All and all this products gets a thumbs up from me as I am just in love with it, I have linked the website in the text at the top if anyone wants to check out this product.

Tell me what your favorite lipstick is?

Jenny xo


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