My Skin Care Routine – Day & Night


When I start a fresh new day, I like to feel refreshed and ready to go, and I cannot feel that way unless my skin is feeling soothed and ready for the day…

First off I take my Yes to cucumber’ facial wipes and give my skin a once over with the wipe…

blog cucumber wipes

Then I move on to washing my face. So I reach for my daily cleanser and again this is another ‘Yes to’ product. The one I use is ‘Yes to Cucumber’ Gel CleanserI think this product is exceptional it soothes my skin like no other product has even done before, and as an added bonus it leaves my skin smelling great!

blog cucumber gel

Finally I reach for my everyday moisturizer which is ‘Simple’s kind to skin hydrating light moisturizer’I apply this all over my face and neck, massaging it in gently in circular motions. After I have done all this my skin feel great and ready for the day, therefore I can go on to getting ready and applying my make up.


After a long day my skin can feel very tired and in need in some cleansing. When I get home from uni, or even just a day or night out, I like to feel relaxed so I get in my comfier clothes or even my PJ’s and start to take my make up off and cleanse my skin…

First thing I reach for is my face cleanser to remove my face make up. The one I am currently using is ‘Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean’  This is a 3-in-1, wash-off, deep purifying, milky-creamy face cleanser which I think is the best one I have tried. It removes the make up from my face and even tackles my eye make up also!


After rinsing my cleanser off I reach for a nice facial wash to really open and clean my pours. The one I am currently using is ‘Simple’s kind to skin facial wash’This facial wash I personally think it’s fabulous, not only is it kind to the skin (because it is made for sensitive skin) it also leaves a fresh faced finish so I feel totally reinitialized when I have finished.


If when I have finished washing and cleansing my face and I still have remains of eye make up, I take a cotton pad and ‘Simple’s Eye make up remover’and just wipe my eyes over until they are clear. This product is so gentle on my eyes, which I absolutely love.

simple eye make up remover

To finish I go over my skin with yet another ‘Yes to’ product this time it is ‘Yes to Grapefruit Brightening Facial Wipes’This product helps with uneven skin tone (which I have) and after taking off my make up I can have a lot of redness on my face and this product certainly helps with this uneven redness on my skin! Then a quick moisturize with my everyday ‘simple moisturizer’ again applying this all over my face and neck, massaging it in gently in circular motions.

blog grapefruit wipes

Then I am all ready to do a body moisturize with my ‘Intensive 7 Days Lotion – Aloe Vera’ and get into my PJ’s if I have not already!

garier body

Let me know what products you use in your skin care and how it works for you!

Jenny xo


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