Vacation: Magaluf

Every year I go away with my family to lanzarote for our summer vacation, but since I’ve gotten older I’ve wanted to go away with my friends…  So this year I went away with one of my dear friends to the party capital Magaluf…  I stayed at the BH Mallorca  which is just new this year (2015), my time at the BH was extremely enjoyable, with many different places in the hotel to see…

On one part of the hotel we had a more chilled relaxing poolside were VIP area also was… We spent one of our days here to relax with some champagne on my friends 20th birthday!

Secondly we had the middle section, which again had a pool but also a water park! Yes! A water park within the hotel… With jacuzzi’s, wave pool, and 7 or more different slides to try out! While I wished I went on more slides I am a very big wimp when it comes to it… I did try one some of the less daring slides though! Hehe

Then finally, the final section of the BH hotel had… The stage! And again yes the hotel had a stage!! During are time there we got to watch many local DJs and the one and only Steve Angelo… It basically was AMAZING! And I would love to go back!  I can say that everyone that worked there was lovely, from the reps to the maids, everyone was welcoming and you were made to feel secure and safe! I would recommend anyone going to Magaluf to stay at the BH hotel!  If you wish to check it out here’s the website… BH MALLORCA

          Let me know what holidays you enjoy with your friends or recommendations were to go… Jenny  xo


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