My holiday 2016

This year I jetted off to the beautiful island of Lanzarote with my better half…

We’ve been together almost a year now so this summer we decided to go aboard together! At first the plan was just to go somewhere for a week, fairly cheap but not too rowdy. However due to certain curcumstances my parents were not able to make it to their summer vacation they had planned for themselves.

So I was offered the opportunity  to take their previously booked holiday to Lanzarote! Lanzarote is the place we would normally do our family vacation every year with myself, my parents, and my younger brother. However this year I had the opportunity to share this beautiful place with my S/O. Showing the place off makes me feel like it’s my second home we’ve went to the island for 9 years now and I love it just as much every time I go.

We went for 2 weeks in the villa we have mostly every year, we enjoyed things such as visiting the beach, seeing the Spanish markets and we even walked up a volcano (it wasn’t an active tho!) Being in Lanzarote can be both fun but also relaxing, where we were staying was a part of the island called playa blanca. Playa Blanca is more for families and couples, it’s nice and relaxing with some good night life but nothing too much (I mean come on we’re not in Ibiza).

Overall it’s my favourite place to go and relax with my loved ones, I would recommend it too anyone looking for a relaxing family or couple vacation.


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