Trying my first Kiko Milano product.

Hello my lovely readers ❤️

Not too long ago a Kiko make up store opened up in my city centre, as a make up addict I was curious, but I was behaving I had to save my money up for my new flat and a holiday…

As you all probably guessed I caved but still behaving I went in and bought two products only…

First off i was browsing their eye shadow palettes when  I came across a selection of glittery cream shadows, and obviously I was drawn to them 😇.

I picked up number 05 Pearly Silver Rose crush cream eyeshadow and it was priced at  £6.90 

I like this product a lot, I’m not too sure if I would say I love it… Normally I will do a nude shimmery golden look on my eyes and placing this on top lightly with a Mac 239 brush gives it a lovely stand out glittery look which I just adore. 

You can find this product on the Kiko website which I will link down below.

Another product that I picked up on my visit to Kiko was 

A creamy matte lipstick in a light brown colour, it doesn’t tell me the exact shade on the product and when I’ve checked online it isn’t available anymore😦 but this is a lovely velvet matte which colours your lips quickly as well it doesn’t feel too dry on your lips, like certain matte lipsticks do. I love brow toned lipsticks because I always usual like to do a more golden natural colouring with the rest of my makeup and I think the brow lipstick goes well with this. I will link below lipsticks like this one I have, which are available on the Kiko website! 🎉

I would say YES I will be going back to the store to pick up some more great products. I hope everyone has enjoyed this post and be sure to comment letting me know if you have tried some Kiko Milano products and what are your thought?


Thanks guys,



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