What I’m reading – September ’16

Since starting university I’ve found I read often more than I ever have…

Today I just wanted to share with you what I am reading this month both for university and not, sort of academic vs non academic 🙂

I’ve started reading  James Shapiro’s – 1599 A year in the life of William Spakespeare, I think this book is interesting and informative, it reaches deep into the history of what made Shakespeare so great, what inspired him etc… But I’ve only just started so I cannot comment too much on it for now. 

Secondly for academic reasons I’m reading, Mad, Bad and Sad, A history of women and the mind doctors by Lisa Appignanesi… Honestly this book confuses me, but I’ve only read the first chapter, hopefully it will become more clear to me as I read on. This book goes towards what I am hoping to study for my final year to go towards my dissertation, so even if it takes me two reads for it to become clear I will do it. Haha

Pop me a comment letting me know what you’re reading this month, maybe you’re reading something I’d be interested in.

Also let me know if you’d be interested for me to make this a sort of series of blogs “what I’m reading this month – September” or something like that haha! 

Thanks for reading guys. 



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