OOTD 21/11/16

Just thought I would share with you my outfit today…


First I am wearing a Black polo neck jumper… Which my lovely grandmother got for me, this jumper is from M&S and I am not 100% sure if it is still available, but if you like and want to purchase it check their website! I will also link it down below for you lovely lot.


Along with this, I am wearing a denim skirt which I picked up in Topshop, I think I got it for 10-15 pounds as it was in the sale, like the jumper I am unsure if this will still be available, because when I purchased this item it was back in summer time. However I’ll link the Topshop website below if you would like to browse the skirts to find it or something similar! 😀


To wrap this outfit up nicely and also because it is getting freezing where I live, I pulled on some thick black tights and laced up my black winter boots… Funny enough I think my grandmother also got me the tights at M&S but my boots I bought recently from Primark I think they were £12 which I thought was a bargain! They are still selling them so if you like what you see, head down to Primark and pick a pair up. Finally, to add that little bit extra I got out my new favourite belt, and it was only £2!! Absolute bargain yet again from Primark, I am in love with metallic colours at the moment and I think that’s why I feel so in love with this belt.

But that’s it for now my lovelies Links below!

Topshop Website – Skirts

Marks and Spencer’s – Jumpers

Primark Website

Thanks again for reading, hope you’ve enjoyed my post,

All the best!



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