A little more about me…

Just a little bit more information about myself…

My name is Jennifer and I am 22 years of age! I’ve recently graduated from Northumbria University, where I studied Childhood Studies & Counselling. I graduated with a second class honours degree and now I’m planning the next chapter of my life.

Favorite movies are definitely The Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures, Harry Potter (things in that genre). I also enjoy reading a lot, I enjoy most fantasy or history type books I like books to capture my attention to send me into its make believe world, but I also like them to inform me so I feel like I’ve really learnt and benefited from the read.

I have a massive passion for make up and fashion, a shop until you drop kinda girl! My favorite colours tend to be bright oranges and pinks, but I also think dark purples and maroons are pretty as well. I’m also in love with vinyls and Polaroid pictures, I have too many different bands and songs to even choose a favourite and I try to be as individual as I can, but often I tend to enjoy the ‘in thing’, which annoys me because I hate to follow the crowd.

Some of my favourite shops include… Topshop, Riverisland, Misselfridges, Missguided, Asos (online), Boohoo (online), The white company, Urban outfitters and many more…

I lived away from home with my friends from uni for 3 years but over this summer after graduating I moved back to my family home with my parents and my younger brother… My brother is 18 years old and has autism and learning difficulties, he is 100% my favourite human in the whole world.

I made this blog just to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with everyone and just really to have fun with it, I hope you enjoy this piece of me and follow on…



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